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    Site Address: Pittwater Rd 
    Postal Address: PO Box 85 
    Email monmouthponyclub@gmail.com
    Phone 0438349778
    Incorporated Yes
    AGM date August
    EFA affiliated Select
    Local council Select
    Ground ownership Leased
    Jumper colour Fawn
    Tie colour Navy blue
    Saddle cloth colour Navy with fawn trim
    Rally uniform colour Rugby top with navy, fawn and white horizontal stripes. beige jodhpurs
    Usual rally day 3rd Sunday of month
    Number of rallies 12


    Name Position Email
    Deb Allanby Club President deb.allanby@rhtas.com.au Mb: 0428127127
    Wendy Webb Club Secretary wendy.nickwebb@bigpond.com Hm: 6254 1323
    Mb: 0448 541 323
    Melissa Balsley Club Treasurer melissa.balsley@bigpond.com Hm: 62653533
    Mb: 0448942946
    Felicia McShane Club District Commissioner fjmcshane@internetsat.com.au Hm: 6254 7316
    Mb: 0427 547 316
    Narelle Rowlandson Club Senior/Chief Instructor nrowlandson@bigpond.com Hm: 6268 0008
    Mb: 0438349778
    Jane Dyke Club General Committee jane.dyke@bigpond.com Mb: 0417579554
    Louise Ellis Club General Committee louise156@bigpond.com Hm: 62652169
    Susan Goldfinch Club General Committee sue.goldfinch@me.com Hm: 62485491
    Mb: 0459133969
    Ella Harman Club General Committee harman.ella@gmail.com Hm: 62636469
    Mb: 0407329616
    Brandy Howe Club General Committee sfs@activ8.net.au Mb: 0407716487
    Kim Jacobs Club General Committee damkim1@gmail.com Hm: 61409002326
    Mb: 0409002326
    Nikki Mundy Club General Committee nikkimundy@outlook.com Hm: 62488040
    Mb: 0410068422
    Emma O'Brien Club General Committee
    Hannah Rowlands Club General Committee deb.allanby@rhtas.com.au


    Upcoming Events Start End
    Monmouth AGM 16 Aug 05 16 Aug 05


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